What is a gamechanger?


Only you know if you’re really a gamechanger. In our experience a Gamechanger

  • cares deeply about how human beings live and impact each other and our environment.

  • has experienced an inner call to contribute to changing the game that human beings are playing on this planet.

  • recognises that innovation is not enough because it continues the same system that it’s improving.

  • realises that disruption is driven by similar values as the system it’s disrupting.

  • is willing to challenge herself to be an example of the change she wants to create in the world.

  • is committed to working to change the game, whether through business or a tangible project.


Who is Gamechangers GO for?

Typically our participants are one of these:

  • An entrepreneur who feels a deep need for greater purpose in their business.
  • A leader who is challenging and changing the game within a larger organisation or system.
  • A purpose-driven individual who is creating a business or project.

All of them are hungry to connect and work with other gamechangers, willing to open themselves up in discussion and share their weaknesses as well as strengths and work sincerely to support the development of all participants.

We are always open to new people who will genuinely contribute to the learning and the community of Gamechangers GO, so please get in touch if you feel you would be a great fit. 

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