The 21st century is a wondrous time to be alive. The changes that globalization and technology, particularly the Internet, bring mean that we all know that the old forms don’t work anymore, yet we haven’t settled yet on what the new forms will be.

And that’s why we need GameChangers. The game is already changing, and to what is still being determined.

I think anyone who is attracted to our program understands the enormous challenges ahead of us. They also see that the opportunity to affect the world are unparalleled. We want to get a group of these people together, have them grow together, and see what they can do.

I think anytime you talk about wisdom, purpose, and integrity, there’s a dangerous in neglecting how much fun it is to talk about these things. These are the conversations you’re supposed to have. It’s deeply satisfying and connecting. There’s a centering sense of belonging, both to oneself and to humanity.

The basic belief of GameChangers GO is that we become what we think about and who we spend time with. The goal is that all of you connect inwardly to your highest self, to belong to yourself instead of searching for it elsewhere. Yet paradoxically, it’s easier to do that in community, with people who are doing it themselves, and supporting you. Monasteries have existed for thousands of years to enable to do their inner work, together.

And now we have the Internet and Zoom. Ha! Come join us on Sunday for our last free session of the year. It’s for people who are willing to do the work it takes to change the game. Times and link info below.

P.S. I’m very excited to release the curriculum for the 8 week course. Take a look! These are the conversations we’re going to have! It’s exciting.

Week 1: Wisdom: Neuroscience of wisdom. Discernment in decision- making.

Week 2: Purpose: The Hero’s Journey. Clarifying and voicing your essential purpose.

Week 3: Integrity. Minding the gap. What you believe and what you do.

Week 4: Community. Being a leader: Stimulating other people on wisdom, purpose and integrity. Asking questions, supporting others.

Week 5: Wisdom. Inner wisdom, body wisdom. Listening to your higher self.

Week 6: Purpose. Relationships: Leading people with diverse values.

Week 7: Community. Changing the Game. Sharing yourself/ how to influence other people to change their game.

Week 8: Integrity. Taking it out into the world: Getting the support and commitment to be accountable.

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