CompassWhy do people want purpose? Why do people want wisdom? Why do they want integrity?

It’s all about making good decisions. We all want to make great decisions for our careers, for our families, for our lives. Employers want employees to make better decisions at work. At the end of the day, success is defined by making great decisions.

As so many of us have realized, success defined by other people is hollow. The only real satisfaction is achieving what we wanted ourselves. As Alexa puts it, if you want success, you have to start inside. There is no external authority to life’s deepest issues.

Quakers have an idea called “clearness,” an internal solidity of silently, patiently discerning decisions according to one’s highest self. There are so many choices in life, so many directions. But when you know your purpose, you have direction. Decisions are so much easier because you already have clarity on where you want to go. The only question is how to get there.

To know your purpose, you’ll need wisdom. You’ll need presence. You’ll need integrity. But once you have it, you live your life with so much more clarity and power.

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