Explore the power of making decisions

based in wisdom, purpose & integrity,

in a community of gamechangers.


Change Your Inner Game – Change Your Outer Game




The Essence


1. Develop a personal framework for making wise decisions

2. Clarify and connect with your essential purpose

3. Make a plan of action to create a life of integrity

4. Share, refine and commit to your plan with a community of gamechangers


GameChangers GO is an online personal leadership workshop and a long-term community of practice. 

The experience starts with an 8 week online, part-time course. You and fellow gamechangers meet live in a small group for 3 hours each weekend (by videoconference) to explore and discuss the topic of the week in depth. Each week you also complete and publish a personal assignment which challenges you to explore the major themes of wisdom, purpose and integrity in your own life. This usually involves writing or expressing yourself through other media, such as video, audio or graphics. Other participants will comment and give feedback on your published assignment to help you take it further than you can on your own.

You can expect to be called to be your highest self over and over again throughout the course.


Support, challenge and love your fellow gamechangers as you come together in a community of practice – a place where real work gets done – inner and outer work.


After the 8-week workshop the experience continues in a lasting community of gamechangers who continue to work together, supporting and challenging each other to be gamechangers, both internally and in their work. This is where you will also get to know gamechangers from past and future Gamechangers GO workshops, as the community grows.


Get To Know Yourself.


During the course, you’ll connect to your sense of purpose and realize your own inner source of personal wisdom. The conversations and quiet introspection are the spark that will guide your transformation.

This is an opportunity to connect with other people in a deep & meaningful way that is rare in our day to day lives. The relationships you make when having conversations about purpose, wisdom, and integrity are intensely enjoyable and will support you to change the game in ways only you can.


The Curriculum

The GameChangers GO course leads you to explore who you really are and how you impact others. Learn to lead and make a difference with self awareness, discernment and wisdom. You will learn to embody these key personal qualities in a world that is changing very fast and desperately needs people who have a clear sense of purpose and direction.

What to expect, week by week.

Week 1: Wisdom: The Taxonomy of wisdom. Discernment in decision- making.
Week 2: Purpose: The Hero’s Journey. Clarifying and voicing your essential purpose.
Week 3: Integrity. Minding the gap. What you believe and what you do.
Week 4: Community. Being a leader: Stimulating other people on wisdom, purpose and integrity. Asking questions, supporting others.
Week 5: Wisdom. Inner wisdom, body wisdom. Listening to your higher self.
Week 6: Purpose. Relationships: Leading people with diverse values.
Week 7: Community. Changing the Game. Sharing yourself/ how to influence other people to change their game.
Week 8: Integrity. Taking it out into the world: Getting the support and commitment to be accountable.

Ready to change the game?

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