If I die before I learn to speak,

Can money pay for all the days I lived awake

But half asleep?

– John Nolan

In the last two Sundays, we’ve talked about wisdom and purpose. This Sunday is where we touch the rubber to the road: integrity.

Most people think of integrity as truthfulness. Not telling lies. But integrity is far more that that, it’s a sense of trustworthiness and solidity based on wholeful-ness. It’s where your ACTIONS comport with your inner truth. Quakers describe it with the injunction: “Let your life speak.”  

If we really listen in, most of us have an inner conscience that nags us, asking if we’re really living the life we believe in. I know I’ve felt it. That little whisper is your sense of integrity. It’s asking you, ever so gently, if you’re living life in full bloom, whether you’re at ease with what you’re doing in the world. We’ll be talking about that voice, and the actions it compels you to do on Sunday.

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