Two principles from systems thinking:

1. The most important thing in the system is the purpose of the system. Changing the purpose of the system changes every interaction in it. 

2. The nodes of the system (the people, for example) are more visible, but the connections or the relationships between the nodes are actually more powerful. 

After talking to prospective students for the last month, I’m beginning to recognize the people who are interested in GameChangers GO. Our first cohort of students are people who have a bigger first-principles view of the world. They are people who want to change the game instead of playing the game better. Instead of being the best at the current system, they want to change the purpose of the system to make it more human, more humane. It’s exciting to think of putting them all together and what sort of relationships they’ll make. Again, the magic is in the harder thing to see: the connections between the people. The game changing will happen when these people find ways to support each other and work together.  

This last week, I’ve been thinking about James Baldwin:

“Living in America, at this unequal, messy moment, can break your heart—but it doesn’t have to break your spirit. Living in America is so interesting, so fertile, so up-for-grabs. It’s also disintegrating and reconstituting and recalibrating. It’s up to us to make lives that we can be proud of — and to make communities and systems and policies to cradle those lives. It’s up to us to rethink tired narratives about success, instead authoring new ones that are less about exceptional heroes and more about creative communities… It’s up to us to be humble, to be brave, to be accountable to our own dreams, no one else. It’s up to us to be iconoclastic, to be together, to stay awake.”

– James Baldwin

In my life, I’ve realized that when I think different things, I do different things. When I want different things, the world gives me different things. I believe that as people make new definitions of success, the purpose of the system changes. It’s a creative endeavor and the opportunity is equal to the need. The only question is who is going to meet it.

Come join us on the last Sunday free GameChangers GO session. We’re going to talk about Game Changing. 

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