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It all started when Sarah McCrum was at Cambridge University studying philosophy and social psychology. She was bitterly disappointed that the focus was on intellectual pursuit rather than life itself. That was followed by 4 years as a school teacher in UK and 10 years interviewing children all over the world for BBC Radio. This brought her up close to many of life’s biggest questions, but left her without any answers. So she went on a search for knowledge about how to live life. She trained for 22 years with 2 Chinese masters, sought spiritual experience from Western teachers, explored how to create a purpose driven business and continues to test everything on herself and her clients who are business owners and leaders.

When Sarah took Seth Godin’s altMBA program she won the Perkins Award which goes to the student who creates the most exceptional body of work. It was during this program, while working with Douglas Tsoi, that she formulated her overarching mission question: “How can you and I be fully human in the face of automation, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies?” This is the reason why she wrote the book, “Energy On Demand: master your personal energy and never burn out.” It’s why she’s constantly exploring how she and others can make decisions with wisdom, live with purpose and act with integrity. And it’s why she and Doug got together with Alexa to found Gamechangers GO.

Douglas Tsoi is a lawyer, educator, and author. His mission in life is to help people learn and feel closer to their communities. He has taught global ethics at a Quaker boarding school, led city-level climate change policy, and helped choose Nobel Peace Prize winners. More recently he founded the Portland Underground Grad School (link: www.pugspdx.com), and writes for the Huffington Post. A world-renowned education expert described Douglas as “the best teacher I’ve ever seen teach.” His expertise is in creating impactful lifelong learning communities.

Douglas met Sarah and Alexa in Seth Godin’s altMBA program, where he won the Winograd Award, awarded by his cohort “for changing altMBA culture for the better.” He co-founded GameChangers GO because he recognized his whole career has been building towards this: “There’s nothing more important than people listening and being true to their inner calling. If I could help people live according to their unique sense of how they are called to serve the world and then live it, the game would really be changed. The best way is to build a community of people who support, challenge, and inspire each other to do that.  I can’t think of a greater contribution I could make to the world.”

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