This is Sarah’s take on wisdom – she was asked these questions by Sunil Bhave.
What is wisdom?
Wisdom is the power to discern what is right or true in any situation by connecting with the higher aspect of yourself which gives you a deeper and broader perspective on life than your small, everyday self.
What’s the purpose of wisdom?
When you can access your inner wisdom you naturally bring it into decision-making. Imagine if you made more and more decisions from a place of wisdom and clarity, how that would affect your life over the long term. Making wise decisions is the foundation of a happy, successful and fulfilling life.
How would you describe a wise person?
A wise person is simple, natural and humble. Wise people have no need to put themselves up on a pedestal, nor to put themselves down in any way. They may be very powerful but there’s no need to use power to control or manipulate people or situations. They use power to create a better life. A wise person experiences joy and inner peace.
How do you learn wisdom?
The simplest way I’ve found to learn wisdom is to understand that there’s a higher aspect of yourself, which is always at peace and comes from love. It’s never confused or caught in the human emotional drama. You can learn how to connect with this aspect of yourself and even dialogue with it, as if it’s a separate person. This is a simple way to access your  innate wisdom – your own higher source.
Is wisdom the same as intuition?
Wisdom can be the same as intuition but not always. Some people pick up information from many different sources and believe it’s intuition. For example you may be influenced by the people around you and pick up some of their thoughts so they feel like they’re your own. That’s why intuition can sometimes lead you astray. If you always connect with your higher self it’s more reliable.
How do the decisions you make impact your values and beliefs?
Your decisions are guided by your values and beliefs. If you consistently access your higher self your beliefs and values will gradually become wiser, more benign and ultimately more loving, which means you’ll make more and more powerful decisions.
How does your capacity for wisdom grow?
Practising wisdom is like exercising a muscle. It takes a lot of practice over time. We usually start small and local. The wise action is to take care of yourself and your family in the first place. From there you can develop the capacity to influence a larger group, perhaps through business or a project. This can expand until you’re able to influence your wider community, your country or even mankind. But it’s important to build the foundation. May people have lofty ideals to help humanity, but they don’t have their own life in order. That’s a very shaky foundation which will collapse as soon as it’s under pressure.
What impact does wisdom have on the practical aspects of life – relationships, money, business?
In relationships being able to take a deep breath and connect with your wiser self can save you from years of misery. Many relationship problems start with point-scoring – each person wants to be right. The wise person doesn’t need to prove themselves in the moment, because they know life is a long-term game and that love is more important than being right.
Making wise decisions about money will obviously lead to greater prosperity and in business it will guide you to create value for the greater good, not just for selfish ends. It makes business sustainable and also brings more benefit to more people. This way you can make a great contribution to the planet through business.

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